Special Covid-19 Statement

December 10, 2020

The following applies to those of you who are my subscription magazine customers,

The global Covid-19 pandemic continues to play havoc with our transatlantic freight, mail delivery processes, magazine availability and cahs flow. Magazine shipments to us from the UK have been few and far between. There is realistically no end in sight, despite the good news of a vaccine in the coming months.

At this time we are no longer accepting magazine renewal orders, and selling no new subscriptions because I can no longer ensure fulfillment of said subscriptions. I will be working with subscribers to refund or exchange existing subscriptions.

The most recent magazines in the mail are the November Classic Bike, October and November Practical Sportsbikes, November and December Ride and the December Bike. All other titles remain detained in the UK.

I will be in contact by US Mail with all subscribers who currently have magazines left on their subscription accounts.