Motocross On Air - The BBC Grandstand Trophy by Ian Berry

Motocross On Air - The BBC Grandstand Trophy by Ian Berry

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Motocross On AIR!

“I love this book… For me every page and every picture remind me of places I went to, racing I saw and things I did. Happy memories of truly spectacular events and the outstanding riders, organisers, enthusiasts and TV people who made it all happen.” Murray Walker (from the Foreword)

“Ian has got it dead right. He has very much re-created the times and memories of when we old ‘scramblers’ were young and living in a different world to the world of today. It’s well worth the read and I personally am proud to have played my part.” Dave Bickers (From the Foreword)

In the 1960s motocross became a TV phenomenon! At its peak, the BBC TV Grandstand programme was watched by millions on Saturday afternoons throughout the winter: it became a sensation for spectators and riders alike. This is the story of the races and riders and how motocross came to be such a huge success on TV.

Motocross On AIR! covers the complete series of races from their inception in 1963 to the end of the series in 1970. There is a full description of how motocross got started on the TV, the people and characters involved - including the ever popular Murray Walker! Each and every race is described in detail in a way which fully reflects the challenge, excitement and fun of the racing itself - a real walk down memory lane. Motocross On AIR! has over 300 of the most fantastic motocross photos ever taken, all by the top photographers of the day - they alone make this book utterly compelling.

The Grandstand Trophy was, next to winning the National Championship, by far the most prestigious motocross competition in the country - it gave both riders and the motorcycle manufacturers the oxygen of publicity! The Grandstand Trophy attracted the best racers of the day including Jeff Smith, Dave Bickers, Chris Horsfield, Vic Eastwood, Derek and Don Rickman, Dave Nicoll, the Lampkin brothers (Arthur, and Alan), John Banks, Alan Clough and many more, they all shine through on these pages. With their skill and courage, they in turn mesmerised and inspired a whole new generation of motocross fanatics.


Winners Then - Winners Now  

Foreword by Dave Bickers

Foreword by Murray Walker    

The Best Of Times...   


ABC Television Picks Up The Baton  

Enter The BBC    

Into The Grandstand Trophy Series  

  1963-64 The Winter Of Living Dangerously 

      Royal Enfield Project Bike 

      Anyone for a Pacemaker 

  1964-65  The Times They Are A-changin’

      Chris Horsfield’s ‘Special’ Matchless  

  1965-66  Normal Service Is Resumed  

      Jerry Scott 

  1966-67  The Dave Bickers Spectacular 

  1967-68  The Year Of Foot-And-Mouth  

      Grandstand Trophy Series On Pause 

      Jeff Smith’s Lightweight Special  

  1968-69     Going Into Orbit 

  1969-70     The End Of An Era 

The BBC Pulls The Plug 

International Races    

Sidecar Motocross - Into The Lions Den   

All Good Things...    

Grandstand Trophy Winners Table 

Grandstand Trophy Race Winners Table  




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