Ian Berry

Ian Berry was introduced to the thrills and spills of scrambling at an early age, when he would tune in to watch his heroes do battle in the Grandstand Trophy series. Growing up in East Anglia in the 1960s and 70s, he was later privileged enough to be entertained by the likes of Dave Bickers, John Banks, Freddie Mayes, Jim Aim, and Dave Nicoll, in the Eastern Centre.

But it was as a trials rider that he gained his first motorcycling experience, initially competing in ‘schoolboy’ events, before winning a novice award in his first national trial, the Beggar’s Roost. But, that’s about as good as it got! Despite thoroughly enjoying his trials riding days, motorcycling soon made way for other interests, though he has always keenly followed developments in motorcycle sport.

Since 1988 he has been living in Portugal, where he works as an English teacher. Today he still enjoys a little two-wheeled off-road riding, though following a brief spell of trail riding he now gets his kicks from mountain biking, which arguably keeps him, and his bank account, in better 

Photo copyright  Xana de Nagy, 2017


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