Special Covid-19 Statement

March 23, 2020


The following applies to those of you who are my subscription magazine customers,

Wisconsin is beginning the closure of all non-essential businesses. The official order will go out tomorrow but some businesses have already closed.

The US Post Office will keep on moving mail as long as it can. But the flow of magazines will be disrupted. Our freight comes in via Illinois which is also essentially closed, and the warehouse they would deliver to here is closed effective 5 pm tonight. The unfolding situation in the UK may also have an impact.

Receiving the trucked shipments at the office is difficult because I don’t have a loading dock. I will look into the logistics of it if an incoming shipment should appear on the horizon.

Most March magazines and some April were already in the mail and delivered.

There were unfortunately a few titles in-process at our mailing facility (some I ship from the office, but others have gone out via a small business in the community since 2008) Those off-site ones are in limbo - they came in Thursday and are in process in a now shut-down operation.  They will not be mailed until an unknown later date.  These are the March Classic Racer, Classic Bike Guide, The Classic Motorcycle, Classic Mechanics and Scootering, plus the April Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. Everything else has shipped.

So that’s where we stand. I have various individual magazines to mail out , and books of course, and if lucky the new Sideburn will arrive on my doorstep this afternoon.