New web store as of May 7!

Greetings returning and new Motorsport customers!

For those of you who used our original web store for the past several years, circumstances forced a change!   It looks different - a lot different!

Last week an update was made on the hosted server I use which rendered several functions dead on the old system - so I took a big leap over the weekend by replacing the whole system.

The bad news is relatively minor - your old login information is gone.  You used to have to create an account and log in with a password to make a purchase on the old system.  That information was not carried over to this new system.  I had the option to import our user list, but I knew it would cause mass confusion because it would not only look different, but would force every user to go through a password changing process which was not very well-explained.   So, if you want a web account on the store here, you will have to create one - but you don't have to, and that's one of the beauties of this new platform!

 The good news outweighs the bad:

  • Customers no longer have to create an account.  If you come in here one time, or even just once a year to do a renewal, you don't have to log in.  You give us your email address, if you've been before it will try to remember your mailing address - but you don't have to set a password or leave much of anything online here.
  • Paypal and check/money order are no longer the only payment options.  Although Paypal remains the most popular payment option here, you now have the ability to pay directly with a major credit card within a secured page on the site, and you have an additional cash/check option which is COD - but COD only means you will pick it up at an event where I plan to be, I won't send it COD through the mail.
  • Event information.  I have a list now of the events I'll be attending, in case you want to come and see me.
  • Electronic invoices.  If you email me about a special order, be it a bulk or wholesale request, or just something you know I have but which isn't listed online, I can send you a detailed electronic invoice to review and pay online. It makes tracking a lot easier here at the shop, and hopefully is more convenient for you.
  • Discount codes.  I have the ability now to give out discount codes throughout the year - I'll probably focus on my large magazine subscriber base primarily, but maybe we'll have some fun trying to move on some of the thousands of back issues here too.

That's about it.  I'm going through the low-stock books and the massive back-issue inventories now and will be adding more to the online stock over the weeks to come.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!